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Monday, August 9th, 2004
7:12 pm
silenced cries
under the mountain
drowning in
my own oxygen
as mishapen figures
tare down
from torment's
built up pedastul
foever burning
forever molding
never knowing
as the buzzards
thrive off my
dead solutions
screaming for more
more of this knowledge
i seek
unwanted by
the greater godd
i am unseen by
the shadows of horror
in this chosm
of blackened ash
as i continue on
into talee
of the inevidable
Sunday, May 21st, 2000
11:58 pm
Whispering waters tremble in darkness,
filled with the sorrow of moonlit desire.
Shimmering sadness,
beckoning madness
echo the new morning fire.

Petulant patterns of rigid impulsiveness
narrow my eyes to the bright-colored day.
Vivid resentment,
blinding contentment
harbor the dreams I betray.

Shivering mercy steps into the bleakness,
awakening senses once dead as the night.
Flowering prospects,
benevolent objects
peek between layers of fright.

Accustomed to feelings of fugitive weakness,
afraid of the dimness that lingers within;
hollow production,
silent reduction
enrapture the virtues of sin.

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, May 16th, 2000
2:26 am
"Ugly Girl"
"Ugly Girl"
People say she's beautiful
Just a little strange
But she thinks she's an ugly girl
Ugly and deranged
No one sees her for her
Life is all based on looks
She thinks shes the ugly duckling
Like in those fairy tale books
She hates being complimented
"I'm an ugly girl" she claims
But people say she's beautiful
Her brused ego is to blame
Ugly and alone
She thinks she'll always be
Who is this ugly girl?
Well if you need to know its me
Thursday, July 29th, 2004
11:09 am
the emptiness
everything seems so pointless.
i am nothing to anyone.
everything to no one.
talking to walls,
litstening to rain
and air

an emotion
i cannot afford to show

there is no way
to see
the brighter side

of emptiness........

you blame it on
but the truth.
i give you a hint,
but you dont care
(tough shit)

what i say
what i do
doesn't matter anymore.
Yet very quik
to point the blame
at me.

i am the discarded
all knowledge of
the guilded lilly
lost to winters'

this detachment
from life
that burrows deep
consuming me,
becoming a part
of me.

a hole, that i cannot fill.
but i keep it hidden,
from you.
tuck it under a smile.
until the darkness
allows me to gorge
back through
my aching veins,

...... and into this emptiness...

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
4:46 pm
within the mind
Within the mind

Hidden deep within the mind
Is a dark forbidden cold
It chills the mind
Dulling pain and emotion
Icy chills within the heart
Spines boring into the brain
Slowly killing off the host
No regard for memory
No respect for life
All beings exist to please it
A vast bit of food
Welling upon the body
Drinking up the soul
In the life of the mere being
All will bow down to it
Nothing shall upraise
All shall be down
A downcast shadow as a cape
Eyes are green as icy fields
Blue as cold memories
The shadow dancer shall become the world
All in one and one in all, it is everything
In the deepest depths is where it dwells
Waiting for a fearsome prey
To alight in its gruesome joy
All will be gone soon
Smile your smile in your doom
Be oblivious to all that will arise soon
Watch your smile, that's all you'll see
When you fall into the heart
Of the shadow in the mind

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, June 21st, 2004
3:50 pm
cleansing plague
Cleansing Plague

A wave of her hand,
to wipe away all the pain,
all emotion.

The dripping of cold, soothed souls.
Taking iN what is left of existence.

The spherical clash,
shards of years TormEnT.
Thousands of lives HELD.
The heresy, silenced sins.
Coming to finish the job.

Fingered projections,
reaching for the PoWER.
Sucking its existance dry,
aiding this slow death.

This world,
wreaking of devastation and ignorance.

Plague brought by its own peoples.
Stuck in the midst of this universe.
not honorable contrast of such GREaTneSs

Her hands seem to shake,
Tremble with the awarness of oncomeing power.
No way of preparing
for this plight.
It came without a subdial warning.

Sending ThEm out.
Ravenous creatures.
A hunger for Life,
bearers of fear.
Draining SOUL.
The deterioration of flesh and bone.

Destroying crops, prosperity.
Consuming hopes and DReams.
Picking CLeAn weakness and unvalor

Takeing no respite,
absorbing lands fortitude.
Looking apon her HaLLowEd shell.
This ephermeral chaos,
gone with the dawns warmed kiss.
Commencement of renewed BIRTH.
Engendered wOE, the inevidable clear.

This rote of earthly cleansing.
Spared from fear.
Controlled by renowned prowess.
A lament sigh
in her shattered eyes.
Emptying indignation,
hungry for future lore.
-Ket Harker 2004

Current Mood: apathetic
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